Deliberate meeting

I got something done!

This is an attempt at 3rd person POV for my writing homework. Open to feedback.



She steps delicately out of the limo into the dry heat of Vegas into the coordinated chaos of these types of awards shows. Flashes and the click, click, click of cameras, publicists barking orders while beefy bodyguards manipulate traffic flow. Her manager cradles her elbow and guides her through sea of people. Her nerves only evident by her intense focus on the five inch heels she’s wearing and the absence of mingling with all the familiar faces in the crowd. She’s typically the social butterfly at these events but tonight is her solo first performance for a television audience.

A familiar sensation grabs him as he catches sight of her heading for the first interview platform on the red carpet, a combination of heat and electricity. She’s wearing a barely there ivory silk top and a skirt that looks more like origami than fashion. He takes her in, her style is only one of the many things he admires about her. That’s why he is here tonight, to get a chance beyond the crossed paths and foiled attempts that have transpired over the last two years. He pulled all his strings to get onto the presenter list tonight and since there’s only one after party for this show he has a solid shot at getting some quality time.

He sees Stu, a renowned DJ and producer and a mutual friend making his way towards her, he seizes the opportunity to join him , surely she won’t blow him off in front of Stu. He has a look of determination as he focuses on his target as he catches up to Stu a few strides from her, he grasps his shoulder in greeting.
“Hey Man, long time no see. Hows the world tourer been?”
“Good man. About to spend some time on the ground cutting the album”
They reach her and Stu brushes her arm to get her attention.
She turns around with a big smile and greets Stu with a big hug.
“you know West right? “ Stu asks.
“Of course, just saw each other a few months ago at Coachella” she smiles at West and he goes in to hug her as well. Towering over her by at least 6 inches, even in her modified height, he leans down, secures one hand to her waist and whispers in her ear.
“I’m hella excited for your performance tonight, I worked every angle to be a presenter tonight. I knew this would be your first performance off your new album and I couldn’t miss it.”
She looks a little stunned as he pulls away. But before she can respond she is whisked away by her publicist and placed in front of the interviewer.
As she responds to the routine questions she glances over to the queue where he’s waiting his turn to be interviewed. His eyes are intensely focused on her, his mouth quirks up in a shy grin when they make eye contact. Her eyes widens slightly as she visibly catches her breath and quickly turns back to the interviewer.

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A breather

I’m frustrated today.  The second day in a row I have had many delays due to distractions.  Self imposed distractions.

The distractions are varied and wide ranging.

What will I wear, check Instagram, oh I need to post something on Instagram,  I’m starving, ponder schedule for the day, outfit not right – change , should I keep this sweater or return it?, I will get the 920 ferry, I need a different moisturizer it’s in my purse,  boil more water, can’t have too much tea, where’s the dog?, oh yeah the moisturizer, new outfit – this one still doesn’t feel right, hmm housewives of Beverly Hills characters are being interviewed on tv right now, I don’t even watch the show but now I’m sitting in front of the tv watching, still not interested in watching their show but cant look away, I’m hungry let me make a spinach smoothie, pull out spinach, it’s definitely wilted, what else should I throw out….

in the end: I caught the 1023 ferry, changed my outfit at least 4 times, double moisturized my face, decided I would run in the evening after I got back so packed running shoes so I don’t get distracted at home, drank a smoothie, posted 3 instagrams, checked it a gazillion times

Now on I sit at my destination, my writing spot. Have been here for over 90 minutes and still can’t focus. I’m still hungry, my keyboard doesn’t work and I’m frustrated.  Self doubt is creeping in.  I’m not sure if this writing thing is a good idea. I’m obsessed with this story but can’t seem to write it.  It’s taking up so much space in my head it feels like clutter.  Sort of what my room looks like after getting dressed this morning.

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This is my first post.  Planning for many more.

You see, I am full of ideas and I need a place to put them to organize as I see them in my mind.

Here’s a little about me.  I live across the river from NYC. I am married (Sweetart), we have a 9 year old son AKA #cutestkidever and @Pixledog, a rescue we adopted in August.  I read romance novels like it’s my job, love boxing classes @rumbleboxing and running (at least once I have finished a run).   I love fashion and style, stalking patterns in media to forecast trend.  My personal style mantra is every occasion is an occasion to wear a great workout.

I recently scored the luxury of time.  6 weeks in,  I have a renewed sense of creativity, clarity and direction.  All things that were simmering on the back burner of my 30 year career in retail.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoyed my career, was successful and gained amazing experiences.  But this last year was a turning point for me.

I started what i thought was a dream job, only to walk into a nightmare.   From day 1.  I wont bore you with details, just imagine fifty shades of Devil Wears Prada.  But I look at this year and that job as a gift.  I learned so much about myself, all of the self doubt and anxiety led me on a journey to an ADD diagnosis, at 48.

It was a watershed moment.  I went on medication, something to treat the depression which often comes with mis-diagnosed ADD.  I had been on and off medication for depression over the last 15 years but had been off the entire year due to weight gain and other side effects.  The hero DR, as I like to refer to him, was able to prescribe medication based on ADD vs just the depression.  This one worked.

Within three days of the medication I was feeling better.  My mood lifted as did the overwhelmed feeling that had been smothering me.  I started to feel like I was in control.  Every closet in the house was under attack, bags of purged items landed at the donation center, all the paper and piles in my office got sorted, my schedule was manageable, decisions were easier, everything was falling into place.   But it wasn’t just the fact that I could get things done, it was the fact that I understood why things were so challenging for me before.  All the scolding and self admonishment I have practiced over the years had a new voice due to contend with.  “There’s a reason for I.t, let’s find a different solution.”

I am on my 6 month of the medication.  I am no longer at the job.  I am on a new journey, one of discovery, healing and finding my true potential.  I am actively attending writing classes, a digital boot camp and signed up personal development workshop in 2 weeks.  I am also writing a Romance novel and setting up a consulting business.

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas and want to utilize this blog a springboard to test new things and discuss the things I am interested in.


Stay Tuned!



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